Live Sketching at New Wave Friday!

Recently, Toyota Hawaii hired me to design superheroes to promote the new 2020 Corolla. Inspired by the features of the car itself, I designed a team of dynamic superheroes called the Corolla Crusaders!

This Friday, June 14, I’ll be drawing the superhero team live at the New Wave Friday event. I’ll also be autographing some limited edition Toyota swag, so stop by and check it out!

Art Exhibit in the Castro!

strut flyer square web.jpg

I’ll be having my first solo art exhibit — and it’s in the heart of the Castro during pride month!

The art installation will be at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s STRUT Gallery on 470 Castro Street.

I’m excited to showcase 28 large prints of my art along with some rough sketches. For the first time, you’ll get to see my art up close and witness all the textures and halftone details!

Opening night is Friday June 7 and it’s free to attend. I’ll be there to answer questions and talk about my art that night. My art will be on display until the end of June.

Hope to see you there!

"Same Trixie, Different Parts" for LOGOTV

Final color image of Trixie Mattel

Final color image of Trixie Mattel

Illustration for LOGOTV interview with Trixie Mattel about her documentary premiering at Tribeca Film Festival.

The brief was to make it look like a country album cover, so I pulled inspiration from modern artists like Kacey Musgraves and classic covers by Dolly Parton.

I provided client with 3 different sketches and the selected sketch was turned into the final color art shown.

Original Rough Sketch

Close up texture

Close up texture


Heroes of History for LOGOTV

For LGBTQ history month, LOGOTV hired me to create 10 comic book covers honoring LGBTQ heroes. They provided me with an amazing list of people and it was my job to create exciting illustrations of them. Some were quite easy - Harvey Milk for example. I knew I wanted him leading a crowd of people. Others proved to be quite challenging, like James Baldwin. How to convey someone who has created so many powerful novels. For that cover I wanted to showcase the power and beauty of the words as they left his typewriter.

As with everything, these covers started as pencil sketches on Bristol paper. For Harvey, I went straight to pencil, but for others I started with a red pencil. I find ideas come easier when I can draw loose with the red pencil.

After the pencil roughs were approved by LOGO, I scanned them into my ipad and then inked and colored them in Clip Studio Paint. Finally, I used Photoshop to add my finishing touches and all the text on it.

I love this project because I learned a lot and it was great to pay tribute to so many wonderful people with my art!