About Me

Hi my name is Cheyne (pronounced "shane") Gallarde and I'm an artist / illustrator from Hawaii.

I've been a huge fan of Drag Race since the first season, and I've been making art of the queens since season 6.

My first fan art was actually tattoo art. It was so successful, some fans even got it tattooed on them! I decided to stop doing tattoo art after I discovered some people were taking screencaps to shady tattoo artists and getting them done very badly!

After I stopped doing tattoo art, I started experimenting with pop art. I've always been a fan of vintage comics, so I decided to combine my love of the queens with the vintage/retro look of comic books and thus my unique blend of comics and queens was born!

My inspirations include Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, John Romita Jr and Dave Gibbons.

When I'm not drawing comics, I'm drawing cute things to sell at comic cons, designing characters for animation or playing video games.

Early tattoo art

Early tattoo art